The scientific research and technology behind the Disinfector222

Dr. David Welch on filtered 222nm Far UV-C
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Dr. David Welch Ph. D.- Ultraviolet light to limit the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 or other pathogens.

Courtesy of Columbia University's Nevis Laboratories Science-on-Hudson lecture series.


A revolutionary approach to infection prevention:
Convenient, effective, and safe for occupied areas.(1)

The Disinfector222 uses filtered Far UV-C light for 24/7 hands-free pathogen reduction. The safety and effectiveness of filtered Far UV-C light was demonstrated in studies conducted by Columbia University Center for Radiological Research. They showed that optically filtered krypton-chloride excimer lamps producing 222 nanometer (nm) Far UV-C light can be safely be used for pathogenic bioburden reduction while people are present in the space. Unlike other UV disinfection products, 222nm Far UV-C poses minimal risk to human skin and eyes. (1)

Effect of Far-UVC 222nm on human skin and eyes


222nm Far-UVC effect on Human Eye.jpg

222nm Far UV-C can't reach the cornea

Far UV-C 222nm wavelengths are absorbed by the Lipid, Aqueous, and Mucin proteins found in the Mucoaqueous layer, which prevent most all of the UV-C from reaching the Cornea. (1)

Incoming Far UV-C photon

222nm Far UV-C disrupts DNA/RNA replication

By degrading the outer proteins of a virus, 222nm Far UV-C disrupts the viruses ability to force your own cells to replicate more virus once it is inside your body. It also inactivates pathogenic microbes like bacteria.

The way 222nm Far-UV-C affects pathogens, it cannot produce drug resistant mutations.

While remaining likely to be effective against "zero day" viral genetic lineage variant attacks.

The Disinfector222 uses only human-safe Far UV-C ultraviolet light.(1)

Breakthrough technology enables continuous UV-C disinfection in occupied spaces(1)

7Shelter integrated the Ushio Care222® lamp into our Disinfector222 product line. The Care222® enjoys a worldwide exclusive license on it's included optical band-pass filter which maintains the UV-C output at a peak wavelength of 222nm. Based on the Columbia Labs discoveries, the filter only allows the safe 200nm to 230nm portion of the Far UV-C spectrum to pass through, minimizing harmful wavelength exposure. (1)
Filtered 222nm Far UV-C vs Typical Excimer Lamps

Ushio is very keen to stress that unfiltered excimer discharge lamps are not mono-spectral. This means that although Care222® has a peak wavelength of 222nm, wavelengths between 200nm and 320nm are also emitted at various intensities. For this reason, Ushio has worked with research partners from around the world to develop an optical band-pass filter which prevents harmful UV-C rays from leaving the lamp. This patented filter has been exclusively licensed to Ushio.(1)

With that said, Ushio would like to issue a very serious warning.

There are many companies and groups advocating the use of UV-C disinfection, but they do so without stressing the serious nature of this band of radiation. Without the crucial optical band-pass filter, even Ushio’s 222nm technology would be harmful to humans. It is important that you question your UV-C disinfection lamp supplier very carefully. If they simply tell you that 222nm is safe and their lamp does not emit any other wavelength – walk away and find a supplier that knows what they are talking about. Failure to do so could put you in a situation that risks damage to the health of anyone who is exposed to unfiltered UV radiation.


The best commercial grade solution for pathogen control

According to Ushio, the "Care222® is not a stand-alone disinfecting system but is a key component in the very latest UV light disinfecting systems available.” This is where 7Shelter comes in. Relying on nearly five decades of professional electronic engineering experience, we developed the best stand-alone commercial UV disinfection solution on the market.

The Disinfector222 uses Ushio’s “new and one-of-a-kind disinfecting light technology” as the light engine. Then, to assure efficacy and safety, we engineered the Disinfector222 to consider many site-specific factors, such as:
   •    fixture run time
   •    distance to the UV light source
   •    fluence
   •    air flow
   •    room size
   •    coverage area
   •    ACGIH guidelines

We did all this while maintaining product quality and easy installation.

If you are serious about protecting your company, employees, customers and others; the Disinfector222 is the right product for you.

Care222®_Filter_No Filter_Comparison.png

Infection Prevention Overview

  • What are pathogens?

    • Pathogens are agents of disease. They are invisible to the human eye but they exist all around us and inside of us, in the form of living microbes (e.g. bacteria and mold) or non-living molecules (e.g. viruses).

  • How can pathogens make us sick?

    • Pathogens can enter your body through your eyes, nose, or mouth. The quantity is important; typically it takes a significant number of them to make you sick. This is known as the minimal infectious dose which is the minimum amount of a pathogen required to cause an infection in a susceptible person.

    • Living microbes reproduce themselves inside of the infected person. Non-living virus molecules use the DNA/RNA genetic material they contain to force the infected person’s cells to produce more of the virus.

  • How can we avoid infections?

    • The best defense is to avoid letting an infection begin.

    • An effective way to help protect people from disease is to lower the pathogenic bioburden (quantity of germs) your come into contact with.

    • Protocols commonly used during the coronavirus pandemic help with this (e.g. masks, social distancing, bleach wipes); however, studies show disinfection with Far UV-C light can be a much more convenient way to continually reduce pathogenic bioburden in populated spaces.

7Shelter takes a proactive approach to pathogenic bioburden reduction.

  • Stop and think for a minute;

    • if you are walking into a public space that might have these pathogenic agents rummaging around waiting to get into your body, does wearing a mask seem like defense?

  • It does to us!

    • Thankfully, the incredible scientists at Columbia University discovered a new way to use ultraviolet light to kill living pathogenic microbes and inactivate viruses by destroying their DNA/RNA replication ability.

    • Moreover. studies show, the light is safe to use in occupied areas and will continually provide protection against pathogens in the air and surfaces exposed to the light. Automatically, hands-free 24/7.

​Due to personal tragedy experienced during this pandemic we consider all nasty pathogens, especially Covid-19 and all its mutant pathogenic strains to be "enemy agents." And so, we take an offensive approach. We don't think these killers should be given permission to hang around with humans at all.

And so, the Disinfector222 was born. Stay Safe!



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