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Initially, we looked into ultraviolet germicidal lamps (UV-C) because they have been used for decades to inactivate pathogens.

It's proven science; safely used in food processing, water and air purification and medical applications. There are even UV-C robots used to disinfect unoccupied hospital rooms.

The process known as: Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) using 254 nanometer (nm) lamps, works extremely well protecting people from contamination as they are true sanitizing devices.

However, 254nm UVGI devices can't be used in areas occupied by human beings because it damages human eyes and new forming skin cells that are exposed to this particular type of UV-C lamp.

Note: There are a number of technical science docs in our reference section explaining UV-C technology.

                         is proud to offer a new device for safely providing powerful 222nm Far-UVC Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation levels sufficient to quickly inactivate pathogenic microbes and viruses, including Covid-19, in the air and on surfaces in occupied areas.
For the first time; there is a proven effective ultraviolet solution safe for human exposure delivering new, ultraviolet light technology. Automatically inactivating pathogens, including Coronavirus, protecting people in occupied spaces 24/7.


And, our solution is safe for human exposure

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Patent Pending

Far-UVC "can change the world."

Fortune Magazine 2020

Destroys Virus DNA/RNA Replication Ability
Inactivates Viruses, including Covid-19
Disinfects Bacteria, Protozoa, Mold

Does not produce chemical resistant strains

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Features & Benefits

  • Small size, permanently installed module, fully automatic operation

  • Microprocessor Controlled

  • 100% light output in less than a second

  • Proprietary Safety Filter Technology Ensures Narrowband 222nm Emission

  • Motion Sensor Conforms Exposure to ACGIH and IEC Requirements

  • Instantaneous On/Off at Full Output Power

  • No Lifetime Reduction by Frequent On/Off Cycles

  • Effective Germicidal Wavelength

  • LED's Indicate Operational Status

  • Mercury Free- Environmentally Friendly

  • Wide Operating Temperature

  • Minimum Ozone Production

  • IEC Power cord or Jbox option for permanent installation

  • Accessories: Flush mount panel for drop ceilings, Surface & Pole mounts


  • Airborne and surface pathogens

Be safe: look for this decal wherever you go

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Shine a Light on the Truth

We can't avoid enclosed spaces. We're forced to rely on masks, chemical sanitizers and the acts of others for limited protection.

TRUTH: real protection is automatic continuous inactivation of airborne and surface pathogens by 222nm Far-UVC ultraviolet light which can dependably lower the risk of infection 24/7, dramatically amplifying onsite sanitation protocols. (Peer Reviewed)

 7Shelter chose the Ushio Care222® Mercury-free krypton chloride (KrCl) excimer lamp as the Ultraviolet light source in our Disinfector222 product line.  

Studies by the Columbia University Center for Radiological Research have shown that the Far-UVC wavelengths from 200 – 230 nanometers are absorbed by the proteins in Stratum corneum, (dead skin), top layer of skin.

The Studies also show 222nm Far-UVC absorption by the Lipid, Aqueous and Mucin proteins found in the Mucoaqueous layer prevent most all of the UVC from reaching the Cornea.

Effect of Far-UVC 222nm on human skin and eyes
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The Care222® lamp has a Peak Wavelength of 222nm Far-UVC. By incorporating its exclusive, patented optical band-pass filter allowing only the safe 200nm to 230nm portion of the Far-UVC spectrum to pass through, the Ushio Care222© lamp minimizes harmful wavelength exposure. 

7Shelter chose to to use the Ushio Care222® because it filters out dangerous UV-C rays: BEWARE of imitations and manipulated data!

Ushio is very keen to stress that unfiltered excimer discharge lamps are not mono-spectral. This means that although Care222® has a peak wavelength of 222nm, wavelengths between 200nm and 320nm are also emitted at various intensities. For this reason, Ushio has worked with research partners from around the world to develop an optical band-pass filter which prevents harmful UV-C rays from leaving the lamp. This patented filter has been exclusively licensed to Ushio.

With that said, Ushio would like to issue a very serious warning. There are many companies and groups advocating the use of UV-C disinfection, but they do so without stressing the serious nature of this band of radiation. Without the crucial optical band-pass filter, even Ushio’s 222nm technology would be harmful to humans. It is important that you question your UV-C disinfection lamp supplier very carefully. If they simply tell you that 222nm is safe and their lamp does not emit any other wavelength – walk away and find a supplier that knows what they are talking about. Failure to do so could put you in a situation that risks damage to the health of anyone who is exposed to unfiltered UV radiation.

Filtered vs. Unfiltered UV-C

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Disease Transmission

Discusses the scientific basis of and factors controlling airborne transmission of respiratory viruses, including coronaviruses.

Far-UVC 222nm effectiveness against airborne pathogens like coronaviruses

Hiroshima University study found that Far-UVC 222nm light effectively reduced more than 99.7% of surface contamination of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes COVID-19.

Peer reviewed study by researchers at Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Far-UVC 222nm safety for human exposure

Kobe University researchers published a study suggesting that exposing humans to filtered Far-UVC 222nm light produced by the Care222® module (used in our Disinfector222 series)can be used to reduce pathogens while humans are present.


Dr. David Welch, a key researcher at Columbia University, explains the theory and research behind UVC, far-UVC and filtered 222nm technology. The presentation discusses in depth how filtered 222nm light can reduce SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens while being safe for humans.

Downloads & Definitions

Disinfector222 7S-D222 series download product sheet  (In revision for final specifications)