Meet the revolutionary light engine used in our product:
Ushio Care222®
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Courtesy of Ushio®
Bring the Disinfector222™ proactive technology into your work spaces.
How does our Disinfector222 Work?
  •  Simply install it your workspace.
  •  The device is unobtrusive and the light is invisible.(1)
  •  The light will inactivate pathogens exposed to it.

Now you have automatic 24/7, hands-free disinfection.

Who is this for?

The Disinfector222 is for anyone who wants to safely and continuously disinfect an area. It's intended to be used in occupied areas to lower the exposure to pathogens.

For example:


  • Check-out stands

  • Bank teller windows

  • Food service

  • Private schools

  • Offices

  • Transportation


  • Exam rooms

  • Waiting rooms

  • Treatment rooms

  • Operating rooms

  • Laboratories

  • Elder care facilities


  • Public schools

  • Laboratories

  • Medical services

  • Offices

  • FEMA deployments

  • Public facilities


  • Hospitals

  • Mobile labs / medical

  • Biowarfare

  • Barracks

  • Most indoor spaces

  • Ships, planes

(2)  7Shelter products with patented Care222® active technology are not to be used as medical devices or to disinfect medical devices.


A solution that continuously defends against deadly pathogens.(1)

Our Disinfector222 line-up of optically filtered 222nm Far-UVC products
employ the revolutionary Ushio Care222
® light engine.
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Product description
  • Studies show the Care222® light engine provides automatic, 24/7 hands-free, continuous air and surface pathogenic bioburden reduction.
  • Easy and unobtrusive installation.
  • Technology based on widely accepted peer-reviewed studies.
  • Designed to meet the current American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) safety guidelines for exposure to a filtered 222nm FAR-UVC light source when properly installed and used within appropriate parameters.

Installation Options

The Disinfector222 is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and discrete in any environment.

The unit features an off-white finish, all aluminum enclosure. It has a small physical footprint and the ultraviolet light output
is invisible. The only visible light comes from small LED's indicating its operating status. Small size module, 24/7 automatic operation.

All mounting versions include convenient attachment points for physical safety connection for added security.  Simple installation. Mounting options include factory installed grid ceiling flush mount panel or surface mount bracket option.
Available in hard-wired option for conduit electrical service or with a generous detachable IEC power cable to plug into a
local electrical outlet.

> As with any installed electrical device, be sure you comply with all local installation codes to ensure safety.

Features & Specifications

The Disinfector222 uses the Ushio Care222® mercury-free krypton chloride (KrCl) excimer lamp as the 222nm Far-UVC ultraviolet light source. The proprietary filter ensures the Far UV-C radiations stays within the specified region define by the research.

  •  Microprocessor controlled for autonomous and continuous operation.
  •  Integrated sensor controls for safe operation in occupied areas.
  •  LED's indicate operational status.
  •  Patented Care222 excimer lamp technology.
  •  Proprietary safety filter included to ensure narrow-band 222nm emission.
  •  Mercury-free krypton chloride (KrCl) excimer lamp
  •  Operating temperature -20°F to +120°F 
  •  Power 240/120 VAC, 100 Watts
  •  Flush mount options for drop ceiling installations available.
  •  Surface mount bracket available.
  •  All aluminum chassis - fire and environment safe. 
  •  CE Approved.
  •  Passes relevant FCC requirements for non-interfering.
  •  Long life. Designed to stay on 24/7/365.
  •  Pattern is dependent on operating height relative to the USA ACGIH standards for occupied areas and 222nm Far UV-C.
  •  Specifications subject to change without notice.

Disinfector™ Commercial Installation Series

Optically filtered 222nm Far UV-C light engine for bioburden reduction.
Professional grade product designed and assembled in the USA.

Bring this proactive technology into your work space today.


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