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Infection Prevention

Invisible disease carrying pathogens exist all around us. Microbes, like bacteria and mold, are living and able to multiply wherever they can survive; in the air, on surfaces, even inside of us.
Non-living virus molecules, like the single strand (ssRNA) that carry SARS and Covid-19 can’t multiply on their own. Instead, the genetic material they contain, enter your body and infect your living cells causing them to replicate more virus cells. If this process is not interrupted it can overwhelm your immune system with tragic results.
Pathogens can effectively enter your body through your eyes, nose or mouth. The quantity is important, as typically, it takes a significant number of them to make you sick. This is known as the Minimal Ineffective Dose: the smallest amount of infectious material that causes an infection in a susceptible person. The minimum ineffective dose for COVID-19 is not known, but given how easily it spreads it may be quite low. The severity of symptoms may be related to the infectious dose received.
So how can you avoid infection? There are no known ways to avoid infection 100% of the time if you are exposed. However, you can help lower your chances of developing an infection by; using masks, social distancing, bleach wipes and hand washing.
However; like any type of fight, the best defense is to avoid letting it begin. An effective way to help protect people from disease; is to lower the pathogenic bioburden, (quantity of germs), they come into contact with. This is exactly what we set out to do; find a technology that could automatically, safely reduce airborne and surface contact infections by inactivating viruses and microbes 24/7 in human occupied areas.