Developing products from pure science requires synergy.

Trust and Experience

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  • The science must be tested and the proof peer-reviewed.

  • Significant advanced engineering is required to create the necessary hardware.

  • Government oversight requires independent efficacy and safety testing.

  • Our products are built by highly motivated, dedicated people who were directly impacted by Coronavirus.

Our Mission

Our founders, Gary and John, built their first international company together in 1974.

They bring over nearly five decades of success developing and manufacturing technology products and participating in creating markets for some of the best companies in the world.

Like many others, we were profoundly and personally impacted by the Coronavirus attacking the lives of our family and friends. Gary and John have lifelong experience with disease, diminished quality of life and living with the loss of family members. They have significant experience studying health and fervently believe, “prevention is the best medicine.” Out of necessity and an honest desire to help others live long and prosper, 7Shelter was formed to create products toward that end. 

Tragically there is a global Coronavirus pandemic that has killed millions of people.
We believe we can make a difference against this violently spreading disease today and tomorrow.
This has become a personal fight for us and one that all of us need to win.
We'll use our expertise in product development and manufacturing to help overcome this pandemic.