Trust and Experience

Our Mission

"Save lives by inactivating deadly pathogens in human occupied spaces."

Our founders, Gary and John, built their first international company together in 1977. They bring nearly five decades of success developing and manufacturing technology products.

Like many others, we were profoundly and personally impacted by Coronavirus attacking the lives of our family and friends. Gary and John fervently believe, “prevention is the best medicine.”

Out of necessity and an honest desire to help others live long and prosper, 7Shelter
was formed to create products toward that end. Products that can inactivate viruses and
kill living pathogenic microbes safely, in human occupied spaces. 

​Tragically, a novel Coronavirus pandemic has killed millions of people globally.
We believe we can make a difference against the violently spreading diseases of today and tomorrow. Whether they are naturally occurring or engineered bio-weapons.

Peer-reviewed research all over the world indicates 222nm Far UV-C is extremely
effective inactivating viral pathogens by disrupting their RNA/DNA replication ability.

Our products are built by highly motivated, dedicated people directly impacted by Coronavirus.
This has become a personal fight for us and one that all of us need to win.

Our hope is to deliver our Disinfector222™ Gen2 Series products to wherever this tool can help protect people and save lives. To that end we will also donate a percentage of our profits
in the form of our products to disadvantaged medical clinics around the world.