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Protect the people
you care about


Superbugs, meet


Automatic, hands-free, indoor air disinfection for pathogenic bioburden reduction. (1)

Protection in this pandemic and the next one.

Feel safe again in occupied spaces.

Proactively reduce infections in our communities.

A solution built by experienced, dedicated people who were directly impacted by Coronavirus and motivated to make a difference.

Safely eliminates pathogens from surfaces and air with breakthrough technology. (1)

Breakthrough technology safely eliminates
pathogens from the air in enclosed spaces.

Based on a discovery at Columbia University's Center for Radiological Research and backed by peer-reviewed studies.

Filtered 222nm Far UV-C Light reduces the potential of airborne and surface contact infections safely in occupied areas.

Fancy Restaurant w_D222sm.jpg
Disinfector222™ Gen 2.jpg

Available in multiple configurations.

Disinfector222 features an aesthetically pleasing, minimal form factor, discreet in any environment. Shown in grid ceiling flush mount kit.

employs the revolutionary Ushio Care222
® light engine.(1)

Patented technology that meets safety guidelines for American conference of governmental industrial hygienists (ACGIH®) for exposure to a filtered 222nm Far UV-C light source when properly installed and used within appropriate parameters.

Image: 2nd Generation Disinfector222 with new Care222® Isotropic light engine and, aim-able Surface Mount Bracket.

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You are not alone in this fight

Our team uses a science-led approach to develop solutions to the public health threats of today and tomorrow.

We would love to hear from you.

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